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Pressure transducer application

Author: Date:2012-11-5 22:25:05
Since a long time, pressure sensors have been widely used in fields like automobile, manufacturing, aviation, bio medical measurements, air conditioning, hydraulic measurements etc. A few prominent areas where the use of pressure sensors is inevitable are:
1. Touch Screen Devices: The computer devices and smart phones that have touch screen displays come with pressure sensors. Whenever slight pressure is applied on the touch screen through a finger or the stylus, the sensor determines where it has been applied and accordingly generates an electric signal that informs the processor. Usually, these sensors are located at the corners of the screen. So when the pressure is applied, usually two or more such sensors act to give precise location information of the location.
2. Automotive Industry: In automotive industry, pressure sensors form an integral part of the engine and its safety. In the engine, these sensors monitor the oil and coolant pressure and regulate the power that the engine should deliver to achieve suitable speeds whenever accelerator is pressed or the brakes are applied to the car.
For the purpose of safety, pressure sensors constitute an important part of anti-lock braking system (ABS). This system adapts to the road terrain and makes sure that in case of braking at high speeds, the tires don’t lock and the vehicle doesn’t skid. Pressure sensors in the ABS detail the processor with the conditions of the road as well as the speed with which the vehicle is moving.
Air bag systems also use pressure sensors so that the bags get activated to ensure the safety of the passengers whenever high amount of pressure is experienced by the vehicle.
3. Bio Medical Instrumentation:  In instruments like digital blood pressure monitors and ventilators, pressure sensors are needed to optimize them according to patient’s health and his requirements.
 4. Industrial Uses: Pressure sensors are used to monitor gases and their partial pressures in industrial units so that the large chemical reactions take place in precisely controlled environmental conditions. In oil industry, sensors detail with the depth that the oil rig has reached while exploring.
5. Aviation: In the airplanes, these sensors are needed to maintain a balance between the atmospheric pressure and the control systems of the airplanes. This not only protects the circuitry and various internal components of the airplane but also gives exact data to the system about the external environment. Also, particular levels of air pressure need to be maintained in the cockpit and the passengers lobby to provide nominal ground like breathing conditions.
6. Marine Industry: For ships and submarines, pressure sensors are needed to estimate the depth at which they are operating and for detailing the marine conditions so that the electronic systems can remain safe. Oxygen requirements of under water projects are also regulated by the pressure sensors.