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LVDT sensor in industrial automation application

Author: Date:2011-12-6 15:36:01
LVDT sensor in industrial automation application 

1. Rollers spacing
In the rolling of steel, aluminum or paper, must measure rollers spacing to control the material thickness.LVDT body is usually installed on the fixed roller, magnet core on the moving roller. With the rollers spacing change, LVDT output analog voltage or current signal, as the position feedback signal. LVDT is a rugged industrial sensor that can withstand dusty environments of high temperature and vibration. The gas-tight, explosion-proof sensors that can withstand high temperatures and dusty environments and vibration. The kind of gas-tight and explosion-proof sensors are safe and reliable.

LVDT sensor in rollerLVDT sensor

Injection molding machine
Injection molding machine use pressure sensors and LVDT sensors to control and measure the opening and closing of the mold and control the work of feeding and other hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. iTarget LVDT sensor particularly suitable for precision, repeatable overload protection, zero and span error of demanding applications. These sensors do not need to be adjusted during production, is also easy to install and maintain, so it reduces installation costs, and has a good performance. In addition, because of its small size and stainless steel casing, it is easy to clean. 

LVDT sensor in injection machine

3. Single-ended / battery-powered position sensors
The programmable controller and unipolar data acquisition system that request single-ended input are more and more, so as to promote LVDT development. DC LVDT using 8.5 to 28 volts of DC voltage, can generate 0 to 5 volts DC or 1 to 6 volt DC output, depends on the connection. As the built-in circuit requires only 6 mA of current. Therefore, the series has become portable and battery-powered applications such as remote ideal.

LVDT sensor application

4. Air-powered linear positioning
Many surface-mount mechines need positioning confirmation. Endpoint sensors and linear potentiometer often used to control such positioning. Endpoint sensor defect, that is, zero repeatability will be gradually reduced. In addition, the endpoint sensor can not provide intermediate data between fully extended and fully retracted position. The initial use of a linear potentiometer results were OK, but it uses a cursor and contact conductive film used for some time, accuracy will decline, this problem will be particularly serious
when in application with jitter in stroke. Our patented technology LVIT, is best choice to position air-powered equipment, with low-cost, non-contact solution. Our LVIT position sensing patented technology, provides reliable solution for positioning cylinder.

air power LVDT

5. Valve positioning
LVDT can not only withstand the gas turbines, steam turbines, high temperature, but also small size, can be installed inside the actuator, it is particularly suitable for controlling the valve position. LVDT body in installed on main valve, magnet core on the opening and closing part. Then, LVDT feedback control system the analog signal, the signal and the valve opening is proportional. LVDT measuring range from ± 0.005 to ± 10 inches, can be used within the control loop. 

valve position measure