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Pressure transmitter application and introduction

Author: Date:2012-11-5 22:34:22
The rise of pressure sensor, cannot leave it to the application of the principle of the pressure sensor design with the development of technology, the emergence of a new trend.

In the application of pressure sensor may meet many problems, a variety of reasons source you in choosing without considering several aspects of the problem, because sensors in your application system in one of the most key one of variable, also in system engineering design pressure sensor choice must is heavy in the.

First of all set to measuring pressure, pressure sensor application design to monitor changes in pressure liquid and gas application. You want to change into an analog output pressure? Pressure sensor output will be you want to deal with one of the most critical problems. Your choice different analog voltage, current, digital and wireless output. For example, if you choose to low voltage analog output, you will have a faster response time and wider temperature range, you will find that less suppliers, can provide pressure sensor. To digital, will provide options, such as RS232, CAN bus, or USB, but the number of suppliers to provide these options will be limited.

The second is the cost of pressure sensor, of course, to a large extent depends on how much all the requirements. Low or high prices should not be an instant decision factors. Make sure you ask material in the process of use, each manufacturer support. In your budget constraint design will is the key, but make sure you know what you got high and low cost. If you have clearly define your applications, this should be a very simple decision. If you choose the right manufacturer, they will be able to cooperate with you innovation method, make the project according to their own way. In front of the designated your application demand, will help minimize your selection of trouble, you will face further route and the number of your project. If your applications include some characteristic, may want to consider using buffer or some form of protect your pressure sensor. Application examples include: process control, car racing, or any liquid application volume control.

The last note is when you sure you want to measure pressure, sure you want to measure types of pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure. Do you have any type of joint embedded installation, half embedded? Choose load similar, must choose capacity more than the maximum working pressure. In addition, please be sure to power cord, connector, with quick disconnect and output, burst pressure, nonlinear and hysteresis, creep, bridge resistance and standard requirement of environmental conditions. Also include your environment temperature, pressure sensor will contact the scope or corrosive chemicals.