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Sliding potentiometer common symptoms and solutions

Author: Date:2011-12-30 12:15:13
Sliding potentiometer common symptoms and solutions
Potentiometer is actually a sliding rheostat, is used as a voltage divider to measure the relative position of the voltage to show the actual position. Therefore, this device (potentiometer) raised a number of requirements: 
First, to stabilize the supply voltage, ± 0.1% of industrial power requirements of stability, such as the reference voltage 10V, allows the volatility of ± 0.01V, otherwise, would lead to greater volatility displayed. If you then display the voltage fluctuations not to exceed the volatility of volatility, electronic foot belongs to normal. 
Second, the power supply must have sufficient capacity, if the power supply capacity is too small, prone to the following: plastic injection mold Games led display electronic foot beat, or melt-foot sports lead to mold electronic display fluctuations. In particular, the solenoid valve drive power supply in potentiometer together prone to the above, the severe voltage profile can be measured with a multimeter to voltage fluctuations. If the exclusion of the static, high-frequency interference, a bad case of the neutral can not solve the problem, suspect the power supply can power small. 
Third, can not have outside interference, including static and high frequency interference. Therefore, the strong electrical equipment and electronic foot line should be separated from the signal line groove. Potentiometer should be used to force the grounding bracket, and the electronic foot shell (measurable cover screws and the bracket between the resistance should be less than 1Ω resistance) good ground, the signal wire shielded cable should be used, and should end in the electric box the shield connected to ground or DC power supply negative. Static, generally multimeter voltage measurement is very normal, but the number is shown beating; high frequency interference when the same phenomenon. Authentication is not static, with a power cable with electronic foot cover screws on the machine to a point short of metal, just a short, immediate elimination of static. But high-frequency interference with the above approach would be difficult to remove, and machine hand, appear more high-frequency interference Frequency Power Saver can be used to stop the robot or frequency saver way to verify. 
Fourth, can not take the wrong e-foot three lines, 1 #, 3 # line is the power line, output line # 2 is the addition of 1 #, 3 #-wire power cord can be transposed, the 2 # line can only be output lines. Once connected the wrong line, there will be a linear error, the control accuracy, is easy to show jumping and so on. If control is very difficult, it should be suspected to pick the wrong line. 
Fifth. Installation of the neutral is better to allow ± 12 ° error angle, parallel deviation to allow ± 0.5mm, is an error, if the angle error and parallelism error is too large, it will cause the display to digital beat. In this case, generally files with a multimeter measure the voltage of the voltage fluctuations. Must make adjustments to angle and parallel. Please note: in the field of electronic foot aluminum brackets replaced with stainless steel stents, while the traction bar mounting position should be elevated 2 mm. Otherwise, the grounding issue is resolved, and the formation of a misalignment issue that must be addressed simultaneously. 
Sixth, for a long time to use an potentiometer, because the product is no pre-sealed, there may be many impurities, and oil and water mixture, affecting the brush contact resistance, leading to display digital beats, electronic foot itself can be considered the early damage. 
Seventh, electronic display failure handling simple. Device as long as a digital multimeter, a wire can be as long as a comprehensive analysis to determine and solve problems is not difficult.