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LVDT position sensor launch

Author: Date:2011-11-14 20:59:04
New generation LVDT position sensor was lauched in Oct, 2011. This kind of LVDT accuracy, lifetime and stability is improved compare to previouse series.  For more data, please refer to datasheet. 

LVDT position sensor

The sensor consists of a spring loaded shaft running in a precision sleeve bearing and connected to the core of an LVDT. The use of a precision sleeve bearing results in measurement repeatability of 0.000025 inches (0.6 μm) or better. The probe shaft is fully extended by a spring exerting a nominal force of 6 to 20 ounces depending upon total range. The contact tip supplied is an AGD standard number 9 made from black oxide hardened tool steel. It is fully interchangeable with other AGD contact tips.

Sensors are designed for a wide range of cycled position measurement and automated dimensional gaging applications where it is necessary or desirable to move the probe out of the way between readings. The shaft is extended by introduction of a low-pressure (10-30 psi), clean, dry air supply, with a regulated flow, through a 1/4 inch barbed fitting on the end of the unit. With the release of pressure, an internal spring returns the probe to its normal position.